Breakaway Somali republic advances into Somalia

Breakaway Somali republic advances into Somalia

15 Oct 2007 13:07:40 GMT

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Source: Reuters

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Somalia troubles


(Adds details, byline, background) By Abdiqani Hassan BOSASSO, Somalia, Oct 15 (Reuters) – Troops from the breakaway Somali republic of Somaliland on Monday seized a village inside a rival region loyal to the interim Somali president, killing at least 10 people, witnesses said. Somaliland, which broke off from Somalia when civil war erupted in 1991 and has governed itself since, ran troops from the neighbouring Puntland region out of the village of Las Anod and had threatened to move further east into Puntland. “Ten dead people are lying in the streets of Las Anod,” radio operator Mohamed Abdullahi told Reuters from the village which had until Monday been under Puntland’s control since 2002. Puntland, a semi-autonomous province, is allied to the fractious transitional federal government that is struggling to impose central rule over the Horn of Africa nation. “Somaliland troops have captured the entire village and 100 Puntland troops. Somaliland has warned that if Puntland troops try to come back, they would not mind going deep into Puntland territory,” a security official who tracks Somalia said. The latest battle between the rival regions further complicates the fortunes of President Abdullahi Yusuf, who was president of his native Puntland before his election to national office in late 2004. Somaliland’s leaders detest Yusuf, a former warlord who invaded their capital Hargeisa in the late 1990s, and have refused to join his government — now mired in a persistent insurgency and political split that has paralysed it. Puntland and Somaliland for years have fought over their border, which was made when Britain took Somaliland as its colony and Italy the rest of what is now modern-day Somalia. There were conflicting reports on whether Somaliland troops had advanced further into Puntland toward its capital Garowe, about 90 km (56 miles) to the east. Somaliland’s Defence Minister Abdillahi Ali told reporters that Somaliland troops had control of the checkpoint on the road to Garowe. A diplomat that tracks Somalia from Nairobi told Reuters Somaliland had advanced 25 km east of Las Anod. Puntland officials had no comment except to say Puntland President Adde Muse was flying back to Garowe from Djibouti. Puntland’s military strength has waned since Yusuf took many of its militias for security since returning to Somalia in 2005. Somaliland argues it should be given its own sovereignty since it has held democratic elections and done what most of the rest of Somalia has not since 1991 — provide stability and relative security. (Additional reporting by Bryson Hull in Nairobi and Husein Ali Noor in Hargeisa)

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Somaliland ‘defeats’ Puntland

Somaliland ‘defeats’ Puntland


Mogadishu – Somali militia in the northeastern of Somalia region called Puntland attacked Somaliland, with one side claiming to have captured it on Monday after an unknown number of casualties.  Tensions had been simmering for weeks in the usually quiet north “Somaliland”, far from the Islamic insurgency in the south.

The northeastern region of Puntland Definition and the breakaway republic of Somaliland were clashing over the Las Anod.

Somaliland government spokesperson Said Adani said: “We have defeated the Puntland troops who attacked us early in the morning (Monday). We have captured Las Anod town and its environs. The town is calm and there is no violence inside it now.”

Somaliland gets independence

Adani said there were “casualties” on both sides, but declined to give figures. He said Somaliland troops would remain in the town, “as it is part and parcel of Somaliland”.

Jama Hirsi Farah, Puntland’s minister of state for security, confirmed the attacking, but declined to comment on the status of Las Anod.

The weak government in the capital of Mogadishu, had little authority outside the south, and even there challenged by Islamic fighters and clan divisions.

Somaliland based its claim to Las Anod on history, saying it was part of the area Britain ruled until Somaliland got independence in 1960 and then united with Italian Somaliland to form present-day Somalia. Puntland Militia said Las Anod’s inhabitants belonged to the same clan as Puntland’s.

Somalia had not had a functioning government since 1991, after rival warlords overthrew dictator Mohamed Siad Barre then turned on each other.

The impoverished Horn of Africa nation was awash with weapons and riven by clan rivalries, but until now Somaliland had managed to avoid much of the clan-based fighting that had plagued central and southern Somalia

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Dagaalka Laas Caanood

Dagaalka Laas Caanood

15 Octobar, 2007, 10:34 GMT; 13:34 SGA

Dhawr jeer ayay Somaliland iyo Puntland ku dagaalameen Laas Caanood

Dagaal culus oo u dhaxeeyay ciidamadda Somaliland iyo Punland oo saaka waaberigii ka dhacay deegaanka Laas caanood ayaa ciidamada Somaliland ay kula wareegeen maamulka magaaladaasi.

Dhagayso wareysiga weriyaha

Dad goob joogayaal ah ayaa u xaqiijiyay BBC in magaalada Laas Caanood ay la wareegeen ciidanka maamulka Somaliland, oo ay joogaan dhinacyada magaaladaasi.

Lama oga rasmi ahaan khasaaraha uu dagaalkaasi geystay.

Weriye madax banaan oo ku sugan Laas caanood ayaa BBC u sheegay in uu arkay meydadka ilaa toboneeyo qof iyo gawaari kuwa dagaalka ah oo uu sheegay in laga qabsaday Puntland.

Weriyuhu waxa uu sheegay in uusan xaqiijin karin tirada dhimashada, oo uu sheegay inay intaas ka badan karto.

Wasiirka Gaashaandhiga Somaliland Cabdulaahi Cali Ibraahim oo u waramayay BBC ayaa sheegay in ciidankooda weerar lagu soo qaaday, laakiin ay iska caabiyeen, oo ay ka awood roonaadeen ciidanka Puntland.

Wasiirku waxa kale oo uu sheegay in ciidanka Somaliland ay la wareegeen gabi ahaan maamulka magaalada Laas caanood.

Dhinaca kale Wasiirka aminga Puntland Ibraahim Xasan Ismaaciil (Xaaji Bakiin) oo isna BBC u waramay ayaa ku eedeeyay dhinaca kale inay soo weerareen, isla markaana waxa uu beeniyey in Puntland lagala wareegay maamulka magaalada.

Horey ayaa labada maamul ee Somaliland iyo Puntland dagaalo ugu dhexmareeen deegaanka gobolka Sool oo ay isku heystaan maamulkeeda.

Somaliland intog by i Puntland

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Publicerat 15 oktober 2007 15:32

Somaliland intog by i Puntland

Soldater från utbrytarrepubliken Somaliland intog på måndagen en by i den somaliska regionen Puntland. Minst tio personer dödades, uppgav vittnen.

Tipsa en vän om artikeln:

Tio människor ligger döda på gatorna i Las Anod, sade Mohamed Abdullahi i telefon från grannregionen Puntland.

Somaliland klippte banden till Somalia när inbördeskriget bröt ut 1991 och har sedan dess haft självstyre.

Det förekom motstridiga uppgifter om huruvida soldaterna från Somaliland hade gått längre in i Puntland och om hur stor styrkan var.

Somaliland uppgavs ha drivit bort hundra somaliska soldater från byn och varnat Puntland för att försöka återinsätta dem.

Puntland och Somaliland har i åratal stridit om sin gräns, som sattes när Storbritannien koloniserade Somaliland och Italien resten av det som är dagens Somalia.

Den senaste striden komplicerar ytterligare situationen för Abdullahi Yusuf, som var president i sin hemregion Puntland innan han valdes till Somalias president i slutet av 2004.

Ledarna i Somaliland avskyr Yusuf, en tidigare krigsherre som invaderade deras huvudstad Hargeisa i slutet av 1990-talet, och har vägrat ingå i hans regering som nu är lamslagen av pågående uppror och politisk splittring.

Bosasso TT-Reuters

Källa: Svenska Dagbladet

Detta är en utskrift från Svenska Dagbladets nätupplaga,

Somalilands val för både kommunal och president har sjutits upp

 Det skulle hlållits val nu i Dec för kommunal val och senare 2008 i April skulle president val hållas i hlea landet. Men har val kommitionen och alla tre stora partieterna bestämt att det ska hållas i Juni

qodobada xalay lagu heshiiyay waxa ay u qornaayeen sidan”

“Kulan ay wada yeesheen Komishinka Doorashooyinka qaranka iyo Madaxda saddexda Xisbi Qaran, ee kala ah: UDUB, KULMIYE iyo UCID oo lagu qabtay xarunta Komishinka Doorashooyinka 07.10/007,ayaa lagu heshiiyey qodobadan hoos ku cad;

1)      In muddada Diiwan-gelinta lagu dhamaystiro 10-ka June, 2008.

2)      In Doorashooyinka Goleyaasha Deegaanka la qabto ama la dhaqan geliyo 1-da July 2008.

3)      In Doorashada Madaxtooyada la qabto 31-ka August, 2008.

4)      In wixii innaga hor-yimaada ee khuseeya hawlaha kor ku xusan lagu dhameeyo wada tashi.

Somaliland MP seeks GCC ties

Somaliland MP seeks GCC ties

Nagi Ali … call for aid

By Ramesh Mathew
A VISITING member of parliament from Somaliland has appealed to Arab countries, in particular GCC states, to consider sending fact-finding missions to his African “country” to understand “ground realities” there.
The parliamentarian, Nasir Nagi Ali, also requested GCC states to explore the possibility of opening diplomatic offices in Somaliland. This, he said, would help it gain membership of the African Union and ultimately the United Nations.

Nagi Ali also sought GCC assistance for rebuilding infrastructure in Somaliland. He recalled that a number of EU members had made contributions for rebuilding roads and Berbera port. “However, due to the lack of recognition as a separate country, the economy could not grow the way we had expected at the proclamation of independence,” he said.
Nagi Ali was speaking to Gulf Times on Thursday. He is a member of Ucid, one of the three parties represented in  parliament.

Somaliland, once colonised by the British, possessed virtually every characteristic considered essential for recognition as a country, he said.

The parliamentarian said Somaliland regained its freedom after a national reconciliation conference in Burao in 1991 that was attended by all Somaliland clans, intellectuals, politicians, and prominent diaspora figures.  

After the proclamation of “independence” in 1991 from mainland Somalia, Somaliland had approved its constitution in 2000 and conducted municipal elections in 2002.
“Ours is a country where there is a proper system of administration and the law of the land is supreme. We have a government, ministers, president, flag, supreme court, own currency, written constitution, bicameral legislature, defence forces, police, and an election commission.”
Nagi Ali said a large number of Somalis living in Qatar are from Somaliland.

He planned to meet some ministers and members of the Shura Council to convince them of Somaliland’s real status, he said.

Source Doha Time

Las Anod reportedly captured by Somaliland forces

Las Anod reportedly captured by Somaliland forces

According to various local sources, Las Anod, the provincial capital of the disputed Sool region in northern Somalia, has been captured by Somaliland Defence Forces.

This comes after bloody conflicts between Puntland and Somaliland forces and their clan militia allies who are fighting over Sool and Sanag regions. While pro-Puntland sources claim the Puntland forces withdrew south for “defensive purposes,” the minister of Somaliland forces Abdullahi Ali Ibrahim said his troops have defeated Puntland troops in Las Anod. He also said a couple of senior Puntland commanders have been taken as prisoners while others escaped to Garowe, the capital city of Puntland.
Puntland troops are said to gain reinforcements from Garowe while militias related to Somaliland are reportedly getting assistance from Hargeisa, for more battles ahead. Unconfirmed sources state that Puntland forces have attacked businessmen belonging to Somaliland area sub-clans.
The heavy fighting continues to devastate civilians and surrounding residents who are mostly fleeing from the battle area.

Source Jimma Times