Somaliland delegation in Addis Ababa meet with US Ambassador

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Dec 26, 2007 at 08:42 PM
Addis Ababa(QARAN)-A Somaliland delegation led by the Foreign Minister, Mudane Abdillahi Mohamed Duale attended a dinner hosted by the United States Ambassador to Ethiopia, Mr. Donald Yamamoto at his residence in Addis Ababa. 
The function which was attended by other senior ranking diplomats from the American embassy in Addis Ababa was used as an opportunity to discuss the relationship between the USA and Somaliland and to also discuss areas of mutual interest and continuing co-operation.   

Earlier in the day the Somaliland delegation held a working lunch with the Ethiopian minister of state for Foreign Affairs, Dr, Tekede Alemu in which the current situation in the region and bilateral issues were discussed.

The Somaliland delegation arrived in Addis Ababa on the 24th of this month, consists of the Foreign minister, Mudane Abdillahi Mohamed Duale, the Health minister, Mudane Abdi Haibe Mohamed, the Justice minister, Mudane Ahmed Hassan Ali, the vice-minister of Planning, Mudane Ahmed Hashi Abdi and the principal secretary to the president, Mudane Ahmed Mohamed Isse.  


President Rayaale to visit the USA

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Dec 28, 2007 at 01:19 AM

Hargeisa(QARAN)-The President of the Republic of Somaliland, Mudane Dahir Rayaale Kaahin  is expected to visit to the United States of America at the beginning of the January, 2008.
As a prelude to the President visit to the United States a large Somaliland delegation led by the Foreign minister, Mudane Abdillahi Mohamed Duale have been in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, to lay the ground work for the visit.
During their stay in Addis Ababa, the Somaliland delegation met with the American ambassador to Ethiopia, Mr. Donald Yamamoto, and have also held constructive talks with the Ethiopian minister of state for Foreign Affairs, Dr. Adamu Tekele.


United States Policy on Somaliland

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Written by U.S.Department of State   
Dec 06, 2007 at 03:11 PM

The United States currently engages the Somaliland administration and has provided assistance, for example to the election effort. Our policy on recognition is to allow the African Union to first deliberate on the question. We do not want to get ahead of the continental organization on an issue of such importance.

  • As indicated in the full quote above, the United States continues to engage with the administration in Somaliland on a range of issues, most directly Somaliland’s continued progress towards democratization and economic development.
  • In FY 2007, the United States provided a total of $1 million through the International Republican Institute to support training for parliamentarians and other key programs in preparations for the upcoming municipal and presidential elections in Somaliland. We expect to provide an additional $1.5 million in continued support for the democratization process in Somaliland following the elections.
  • While we continue to engage with the Somaliland administration, we do believe that the African Union is the most appropriate forum to address the question of recognition of Somaliland as an independent state. We understand that Somaliland is pursuing bilateral dialogue with the African Union and its member-states in this regard.
  • However, as the African Union continues to deliberate on this issue, the United States will continue to engage with all actors throughout Somalia, including Somaliland, to support the return of lasting peace and stability in the Horn of Africa.

 Source U.S.Department of State

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Somaliland Foreign Minister Welcomes US State Department’s Fact-Sheet on Somaliland

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Written by Ministry of Foreign Affairs   
Dec 08, 2007 at 03:13 PM
Hargeisa – Somaliland Foreign Minister Abdillahi Duale today 8 December, welcomed the US State Department’s statement, US Policy on Somaliland, issued on 5 December 2007.

The Somaliland Government has carefully studied the issued Policy on Somaliland of the United States of America (US). It also noted the US Secretary Condoleezza Rice’s Statement on Somalia Consultations in Addis Ababa of 5 December and the US State Department’s fact-sheet on Ethiopia-Eritrea: U.S. Policy Towards the Border Dispute. The Somaliland Government was briefed this week by our continental and global allies, and also had the opportunity to consult with senior diplomatic officials.

Among the key judgements of the US Policy on Somaliland is “that the African Union is the most appropriate forum to address the question of recognition of Somaliland as an independent state”. Furthermore, the statement also sets the record straight that the US government engages the Somaliland Government on “Somaliland’s continued progress towards democratization and economic development.”

This statement of the US is consistent with the African Union (AU) Report of the “AU Fact-Finding Mission to Somaliland (30 April to 4 May 2005)”, which recommends that “the AU should find a special method of dealing with this outstanding case.” It further recommends: “The lack of recognition ties the hands of the authorities and people of Somaliland as they cannot effectively and sustainably transact with the outside to pursue the reconstruction and development goals.” The AU report concludes that “the AU should be disposed to judge the case of Somaliland from an objective historical viewpoint and a moral angle vis-à-vis the aspirations of the people.”

The Somaliland Government believes that this US Policy on Somaliland can also contribute to the African Union process led through the innovative leadership of the AU Commission Chair, Prof Alpha Konare, of discussing this outstanding case of Somaliland in an accurate way, thereby contributing to building regional peace and stability for the peoples of the Horn of Africa. Prof Konare correctly raised the matter of Somaliland at the last 2007 AU Executive Council Meeting of Foreign Ministers in Accra, Ghana.

In this respect, the Somaliland Government, has consistently called upon the AU and UN member states to accelerate their co-operation on the case of Somaliland in a spirit of dialogue and in light of the increasing regionalization and globalization of insecurity, notably the use of violence as a means of political change.

Whilst the AU report and the statements of friendly states, such as Ethiopia, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, Rewanda,Senegal, UK, Sweden and the US have placed the international community on the right path to finally resolve the outstanding case of Somaliland’s international status, in accordance with the AU’s Constitutive Act, it is important that this process should be fully supported without undue delay, interference and pressure. The right of self-determination of the people of Somaliland is not negotiable.

As Somaliland prepares for its second democratic Presidential elections of 31 August 2008, the Somaliland Government also urges the international community to utilise Somaliland’s home-grown window of opportunity to advance the NEPAD goals of good governance and stability without delay. Through such a course of action, we will be elevating the AU and UN’s official NEPAD development policy on the path of regional peace and reconciliation in the Horn of Africa.

Somaliland remains committed to advancing its young democracy, security, borders and sovereignty, in a difficult environment of Mogadishu’s sad humanitarian and refugee crisis. It views dimly any attempt to abuse Somaliland’s policy of hospitality to refugees and to undermine Somaliland’s hard-earned security via illegal means.

Issued by

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Hargeisa, Somaliland

8 December 2007

Dawladda Maryakanku way la shaqaysaa maamulka Somaliland

Intaanu Ku Hawlanahay Taageerada Hanaanka Dimuqraadiyadda Iyo Horumarinta Ee Aanu Somaliland Kala Shaqaynayno Waxaanu Rajaynaynaa In Midawga Afrikana…”
Xafiiska Arrimaha Afrika ee Wasaaradda Arrimaha Debada ee Maraykanka

ka soo xigtay: Haatuf, ISSUE 1592, Dec.6, 2007
Washignton, December 6, 2007 (Haatuf) – Wasaaradda Arrimaha Debada ee Maraykanka ayaa markii ugu horeysay war rasmi ah ka soo saartay mawqifkeeda siyaasadeed ee ku aadan Somaliland.
Wasaaraddu waxa ay warkeeda ku sheegtay inay horeba taageero toos ah u siisay dawladda Maraykanku Somaliland.

“Dawladda Maryakanku way la shaqaysaa maamulka Somaliland, waxaanay siisay taageero. Tusaale ahaan dedaaladda doorashooyinka, hase yeeshee, siyaasaddayada aqoonsigu waxa weeyaan inaanu Midawga Afrika fursad u siino inay marka hore go’aan ka gaadhaan, isla markaana ma doonayno inaanu mawduuc sidan muhiim u ah u gacan dhaafo ururka qaaraddu leedahay.

Sidaanu xagga horeba ku sheegnay dawladda Maraykanku waxay sii wadi doontaa taageerada ay Somaliland siiso ee dhinacyo door ah, waxaananu si toos ah u taageeri doonaa sii wadida Somaliland ee horumarinta dimuqraadiyadda iyo horumarinta dhaqaalaha.

Sannadkan waxay dawladda Maraykanku ku taageertay Somaliland 1 milyan oo dollar oo ay sii marisay mac-hadka IRI, kuwaasi oo loo adeegsaday tababarka mudanayaasha baarlamaanka iyo diyaar garawyada ay Somaliland ugu jirto doorashooyinka dawladdaha hoose iyo Madaxtooyada.
Waxa kale oo aanu u qorshaynay inaanu Somaliland siino 1.5 milyan dollar, si aanu uga taageerno doorashooyinka soo socda, hanaanka dimuqraadiyadda.

Inta aanu ku jirno taageerada hannaanka dimuqraadiyadda ee Somaliland, waxa aanu rumaysanahay in Midawga Afrika yahay cidda ugu haboon ee ay tahay inay ka jawaabaan su’aasha aqoonsiga Somaliland ee ah inay noqoto Qaran Madax Banaan. Waxa aanu soo dhawaynaynaa inay Somaliland wado wada hadalo ay la leedahay Midawga Afrika iyo wadamada xubnaha ka ahba la xidhiidha arrimahaasi ‘aqoonsiga’.

Si kasta oo ay ahaataba, Inta Midawga Afrika ku hawlan yahay sidii looga midho dhalin lahaa mawduucan ‘aqoonsiga’ Dawladda Maraykanku waxay sii wadi doontaa inay la shaqayso dhammaan dhinacyada Somalia, oo ay ku jirto Somaliland, sidii ay uga taageeri lahayd in mandaqada Geeska Afrika lagu soo dabaalo nabad waarta.”


somalia-somaliland-mapThe Pentagon Plaque

CAMP LEMONIER, Djibouti, Dec. 3 — The escalating conflict in Somalia is generating debate inside the Bush administration over whether the United States should continue to back the shaky transitional government in Mogadishu or shift support to the less volatile region of Somaliland, which declared independence in 1991, U.S. defense and military officials said.

Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates discussed regional issues during a visit to Djibouti on Monday, including Somalia and the presence there of about 8,000 Ethiopian troops, the officials said. Ethiopian forces intervened a year ago to install the fledgling government in Mogadishu and they continue to fight Islamic radicals in Somalia.

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U.S. military officials say Somalia is the greatest source of instability in the Horn of Africa, leading them to seek new ways to contain the violence there.

One approach, Pentagon officials argue, would be to forge ties with Somaliland, as the U.S. military has with Kenya and other countries bordering Somalia. A breakaway region along Somalia’s northwestern coast, Somaliland has about 2 million people and an elected president, and offers greater potential for U.S. military assistance to bolster security, even though it lacks international recognition, they say.

“Somaliland is an entity that works,” a senior defense official said. “We’re caught between a rock and a hard place because they’re not a recognized state,” the official said.

The Pentagon’s view is that “Somaliland should be independent,” another defense official said. “We should build up the parts that are functional and box in” Somalia’s unstable regions, particularly around Mogadishu.

In contrast, “the State Department wants to fix the broken part first — that’s been a failed policy,” the official said.

The official U.S. government position is that the United States should withhold recognition from Somaliland because the African Union has yet to recognize it. “We do not want to get ahead of the continental organization on an issue of such importance,” said Assistant Secretary of State Jendayi E. Frazer in an e-mailed response to questions.

The issue is diplomatically sensitive because recognizing Somaliland could set a precedent for other secession movements seeking to change colonial-era borders, opening a Pandora’s box in the region.

In Djibouti, U.S. military officials say they are eager to engage Somaliland. “We’d love to, we’re just waiting for State to give us the okay,” said Navy Capt. Bob Wright, head of strategic communication for the Combined Joint Task Force Horn of Africa.

The task force is composed of about 1,800 U.S. troops who conduct military training and reconstruction projects such as digging wells and building schools in 11 countries in the region.

Meanwhile, the United States continues to back Somalia’s weak Transitional Federal Government, set up in late 2004 with support from international organizations and the African Union.

Lawlessness in Somalia, where a political vacuum since the government’s collapse in 1991 has been filled by rival warlords and militias, is a concern for the U.S. military because the country has provided sanctuary for terrorists and has fostered groups that seek to impose strict Islamic law, or sharia.

In late 2006, Ethiopia dispatched thousands of troops into Somalia to unseat a group known as the Islamic Courts movement, which the U.S. military says is affiliated with al-Qaeda.

“They are precise, laser-like focused, small, a handful of guys who go in and out,” the defense official said. “Some things the agency [Central

Intelligence Agency] does, some things they allow us to do,” the official said, adding that counterterrorism operations are ongoing.

In Somalia, the U.S. military has also staged at least two AC-130 gunship airstrikes and a naval strike targeting suspected al-Qaeda operatives in the past year.

In recent months, human rights groups have accused Ethiopian forces of abuses such as rape and indiscriminate killing of civilians as they bomb and burn villages in counterinsurgency operations.

Despite those allegations, the Pentagon continues to back the Ethiopian presence. “Any government that provides Somalis with assistance we support, including Ethiopia,” a senior defense official said. “I am unaware of specific allegations regarding the conduct of the Ethiopian troops.”

Source: washington Post

Madaxweyne Rayaale oo qaabiley wefti ka socda deeq bixiyayaasha Aduunka oo booqasho ku yimi magaalada Hargeysa

Hargeysa Jimco , November 30 2007 SMC

 President Rayaale har mött många olika delegationer de senaste dagarna i presidnet palatset i Hargeisa, där ibland delegtion från EU, FN och från fransak ambasaden.

Madaxweynaha somaliland Md Daahir Rayaale Kaahin ayaa ku qaabiley xarunta Qasriga Madaxtooyada ee magaalada Hargeysa wefti ka socda Aduunka oo booqasho howleed ku yimi magaalada Hargeysa.

hadaba Afhayeenka Madaxtooyada Md Siciid Cadaani ayaa war ka soo saaray kulankaasi dhex maray Madaxweyne Rayaale iyo weftiga.

waxana uu u qornaa warsaxaafadeedku sidan.

‘Madaxweynaha JSL Mudane Daahir Rayaale Kaahin , waxa uu caawa qasriga Madaxtooyada kulan kula yeeshay wefdi balaadhan oo ka socda Laamaha Qaramada Midoobay , Baanka Adduunka , Ururka Iskaashiga reer Yurub iyo wakiilo ka socda Safaaradaha Faransiiska iyo Talyaaniga ee Caasimada Kenya ee Nayroobi.

wufuudaasi oo socdaal dhawr casho ah ku joogi doona dalka, waxa ay ka qayb galayaan Shir ilaa saddex maalmood socon doona oo lagaga hadlayo dib u dhiska iyo Barnaamijyada horumarka ah ee Somaliland.

Madaxweynaha JSL Mudane Daahir Rayaale Kaahin waxa uu u mahad naqay wufuudaasi ka tirsan dalalka deeq bixiyayaasha ah hawlaha horumarka iyo dib u dhiska ee ay ugu tallo galeen in ay ka fuliyaan Somaliland dhawrka sanadood ee soo socda.

Madaxweynuhu , waxa uu tibaaxay in ay lagama maarmaan tahay in mashaariicdaasi horumarka ah ee dalku baahida weyn u qabo in sida ugu dhakhsaha badan loo fuliyo , iyada oo Somaliland ay tahay dimuqraadiyad curdin ah oo u baahan in ay taageero dhinacyo badan ay ka hesho deeq bixiyayaasha caalamka.

Wufuudaasi oo uu hogaamiyay Eric Larouch wakiilka gaarka ah ee Hay’adda UNDP , isla markaana ah xidhiidhiyaha qaabka Mashaariicda QM , waxa iyana ka mid ahaa Mr Richard hands oo ah wakiil ka tirsan Isbahaysiga reer Yurub iyo Chris Lovelace oo ka tirsan Baanka Adduunka .

Wufuudaasi waxa ay Madaxweynaha iyo xukuumada Somalilandba ugu mahad naqeen soo dhawaynta fiican ee ay kala kulmeen intii ay joogeen dalka , waxana ay sheegeen in shirarkii kala duwanaa ee ay la yeesheen Wasiirada iyo Madaxda xukuumada Somaliland ay meel fiican marayaan , si fiicana ay ugu qanacsan yihiin in waxqabad wax ku ool ahi uu ka soo baxo.

Kulankan waxa kale oo goob joog ka ahaa Wasiirka Qorshaynta Qaranka Mudane Cali Ibraahim ‘’Cali Sanyare’’ iyo Wasiirka Arrimaha Dibada Mudane C/laahi Maxamed Ducaale