26 år efter sten kastningen i Hargeisa

Somaliland borde erkänna Kosovo

Somaliland borde erkänna Kosovo

Jag vill passa på och gratulera folket i Kosovo för deras självständighet.

Sedan Kosovo blev självstädigt ökar varje dag som går länder som erkänner Kosovo som ett stat.  Somaliland och Kosovo har likteter. Somaliland och Kosovo har båda länderna har  upplevt förtryckt under en hel deceinier. Folket i båda länderna har lidit jätte mycket och strävat efter  ett stat med självständighet.  Båda länderna har haft gerilla rörelse som har kämpat ett fritt Kosovo och ett fritt Somaliland. Jag tycker att Somalilands regering borde erkänna Kosovo, precis som Somaliland gjorde för några år sedan när Egal, fd Somalilands president uppgav själv att Somaliland erkännde Syd Yemen. Varför inte Kosovo nu. Det är Somaliland fördel att göra det.

President Rayale visits the United Arab Emirates

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Written by Qarannews   
Feb 19, 2008 at 04:02 AM
ABU DHABI (QARAN)-The President of Somaliland, Mudane Dahir Rayale Kahin and his delegation have arrived on an a visit to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

The President and his delegation today attended a luncheon given by the Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayid Al Nahayan, the  UAE deputy Prime Minister and the chair of the UAE Red Crescent, according to sources close to the delegation.

The President and his delegation are expected to meet with the Red Crescent Society on Tuesday, February, 19th, to engage in discussions on several projects in Somaliland, including major rehabilitation of the roads in Somaliland.

The President’s visit to the region, whilst low profile, appears to be opening areas of engagements between the Arab nations and Somaliland.

Several Arab countries, in particular Egypt and Saudi Arabia, have been reluctant to consider the Somaliland issue, however, as a result of the recent visit by President Rayale to the United States and the reciprocal visit by the United States by Assistant Secretary of State, Dr. Jendayi Frazer, there appears to more flexible approach towards the Republic of Somaliland in the Arab world.

President Rayale and his delegation are also expected to meet with the large Somaliland community in the United Arab Emirates in the next few days, before heading for visits to other countries in the region.

Source Awdalnews.

Somaliland Water & Minerals Ministry Confirms Contact With Lundin Oil Company

Hargeysa, Somaliland, 9 February 2008 (SL Times) – The Director General of the Ministry of Water & Minerals (MWM), Mr Ahmed Ibrahim Sultan on Sunday acknowledged that his ministry has been approached by the Swedish registered Lundin Petroleum Company and that the company made inquiries with the MWM for exploration petroleum license.

Responding to last week’s media reports that the MWM was in the process of issuing Somaliland oil and gas concessions to the Australian based Range Resources and its partner company working in Puntland, Africa Oil and Lundin Petroleum, Mr Sultan, acknowledged, that his ministry has had contact with Lundin and that there was some truth in the media reports, in particular, that the MWM had written to Lundin and asked Lundin to clarify its position regarding Range and Africa Oil. However, Mr Sultan denied that his ministry has had any contacts with Range.

“Lundin had made it clear to us that it had no association whatsoever or links with these two mentioned companies. If it turns out that Lundin is associated with Range/Africa Oil or shareholders with interests in Puntland, the ministry will have nothing to with Lundin,” said Mr Sultan.

The DG said, “It’s part of the ministry’s normal formalities to make enquiries and checks on companies that want to operate in Somaliland and that the ministry has every right to know who they are dealing with.”

Mr Sultan further elaborated, “We did not get into an agreement with Lundin, nor have we issued them a license to operate in the country. Our contact with Lundin was just an exchange of formal introduction and information, and as a matter of fact, we have not heard from them for some time.”

Source: Editor’s desk, Somaliland Times.

Somaliland president raayel har mötte ledarna u gulf staterna

President Rayaale har lämnat Egal International Airport på väg mot gulf staterna. Inga nya uppgfiter har inte kommit krin resan. Enligt vissa oberoende källor ficj President Rayaale en inbjudan från Emir Qatar. Det här första gången en somalilädisk president får någon inbjudan från gulf staterna. Många bedömare ser det som en brtyning från arab världen. Somaliland1991 nyhets redaktion kommer naturligtvis bekava besöket..

vi har några bilder från Gebileynews. net.

Somaliland arrests 5 over German kidnapping


Somaliland arrests 5 over German kidnapping

Thu 14 Feb 2008, 15:46 GMT
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By Hussein Ali Noor

HARGEISA, Somalia (Reuters) – Authorities in the breakaway Somali republic of Somaliland arrested five gunmen in connection with this week’s kidnapping of a German aid worker, officials said on Thursday.

Daniel Bronkal, who works for German Agro Action (GAA), was seized in an ambush on his car and held for several hours before being freed on Tuesday evening after local troops fought off the gunmen who had abducted him.

“Somaliland troops captured five of the abductors who kidnapped the German man and we are still after two others who were involved in the abduction,” deputy chairman of Sanag region Abdiasis Hassan Said told Reuters by phone.

Somaliland’s interior minister said the kidnappers were from the neighbouring semi-autonomous region of Puntland — engaged in a long turf war with Somaliland over the Sanag region.

“I can tell you that the gunmen have come from Bosasso and I can not give any details now because the case is under investigation,” Abdulahi Ismail told Reuters.

Puntland brushed aside his claim that the abductors travelled from the its port city of Bosasso where several kidnappings occurred at the end of last year.

“The kidnappers were not from Puntland. Everyone knows they were from Buro and Era Gabo that are under Somaliland administration,” said Puntland presidential spokesman Bille Qabowsade.

Kidnapping of aid workers and foreigners is common in Somalia, but captives are usually treated well — since they are usually held for ransom. Authorities generally blame militant Islamists for attacks on foreigners.

“I was not treated badly, but you can imagine how difficult my situation could be,” Bronkal told reporters at the airport in Somaliland’s capital Hargeisa.

Somaliland broke away in 1991 when warlords toppled military dictator Mohamed Siad Barre, plunging the Horn of Africa country into anarchy, and has governed itself since.

Somaliland speciel force har fri tagit gisslan


här är de fyra kidnapperna som har kidnappat den bistånds arbetare från Tyskland. Alla är gripna av Somalilandiska säkerhets styrkor som omringat platsen som gisslan hölls. Eligt Nyhets sajten Qaran har de publicerats kidnappers namn .

Xirsi Salaad Faarax          kayimid Bari Puntland
2. C/raxmaan Masx’ed Nuux      “        “
3. C/risaaq C/laahi Cali      “       Togdheer
4. C/raxmaan Warsame Xayd      “         “
5. Max’ed Yuusuf Xirsi     
“         “.



här är en av kidnapperna som säkerhets styrkot gripit, fr vit tröja.


Daniel Mr-Daniel Bronkal

som välkomnats av loka befolkningen och är tackar för folket stöd.

Inrikes ministern höll press konfrens och berömde både säkers syrkor, polisen specielle enhet i området efter nyheterna från säker styrkor att man fri tagit gisslan. Det kom fördomande från alla håll i Somaliland när nyheten om gisslan kom. Regeringen har sätts alla tänkbara resurser för att fri ta gisslan och grippa kidnapperna. Det här är mkt ovanligt att kidnapperna tar utländska bistånds arbetare.  Det är äe naturligtvist stor seger för Somaliland att ännu en gång krossa sån kriminella brottslingar. Presidnet Rayale som lämnade i lördags har kommenterat händelsena kring gisslan och fördomt handligen och anklagat Puntland som ligger bakom detta.