här kan du titta några intressanta klip om Somaliland

Somaliland: A land in limbo

Places That Don’t Exist: Somaliland Part 1

Somaliland Part 2

Somaliland Part 3

Ancient rock paintings in Somaliland

Somaliland Part 4

Här är det BBC  journalisten,  Simon Reeve, som reser till Både Somalia och Somaliland och jämför hur Somalia befinner sig i kaos medan Somaliland blomstrar.

Här är de kommentarer folk kommenterade om just den här video klippet om Somaliland. Läs de!

Källa: BBC

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Places That Don’t Exist was broadcast in the UK on Wednesday, 4 May, 2005 at 1930 BST on BBC Two.

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The comments published on this page reflect the balance of views we received.

Thanks for voicing my country’s desperate cry for recognition
Zack, England

I actually spent the early part of my childhood growing up in Somalia, and they were some of the best years of my life. We left in 1985, and I still look back on the warm and kind people there. This programme was fascinating, and watching the people of Somaliland brought back a lot of memories. I just really hope they can have peace with Somalia, be recognised by the International community, and that peace can return to Somalia too, so that one day I can return there, and also visit the beautiful Somaliland.
Aogan Kearney, UK

It is heartening to see a country that is striving to develop and throw off the shackles of stupid and pointless warfare. It is typical that the Rest of The World fails to reward and recognise peace with the prosperity it deserves. I would happily help this country better itself and it has earned itself at least one British friend tonight. I will find out what one middle-Englander can do to help.
Daniel Sinclair, UK

Being a Somalilander myself and growing up in the West, I felt that this was an interesting documentary, highlighting the peace and freedom that is felt in Somaliland in contrast to Somalia. Thanks for voicing my country’s desperate cry for recognition to the British public.
Zack, England

Excellent! About time more publicity is given to Somaliland. It is inexplicable that it is not recognised internationally, and needs all the support.
Jeremy Vose, UK

Thank you very much for showing this programme. I was born in Hargeisa in 1961 when my father was working for the Desert Locust Survey, so I have followed the goings-on with interest ever since. I do think that when we are fighting for freedom and democracy, the very least we, especially we British, should do is to recognise and support the wonderful efforts of the people of Somaliland in their efforts to create peace, stability and rule of law.
Charles Roffey, The Netherlands

After watching the programme presented by Simon Reeve I think that it is about time that Somaliland is recognised as an official country by the international community and even more so by the UK as her former rulers.
James Farmer, UK

Let us forgive and let us open our hearts
A brother from south

Having just watched this excellent programme on BBC Two I am amazed and appalled that countries like Somaliland do not receive the international recognition they deserve. Somaliland appears to have a more sophisticated level of infrastructure than Somalia (if one can use such a term in these circumstances) and, more importantly, a willingness to develop. This is probably borne out of the lack of recognition they have received from the international community.

I find it ironic that the UN trains the local police force but is unlikely to provide humanitarian aid to a country that clearly needs it. Out of sight, out of mind is all too easy for the Western world but too often we seem to close our eyes to countries that appear to have potential. While I appreciate there are undoubtedly a multitude of issues associated with Somaliland is it not time we gave it a chance or would foreign money do more harm than good?
James Dellborg, UK

I would like to say to brothers and sisters up in the north of Somalia: we need you and we need you now to rebuild our country and forget the past as we all have horrible stories to tell. Unity is the future. If you do not believe me, look at Europe – they used to be fierce enemies not long ago. Let us forgive and let us open our hearts.
A brother from south

Recognition of Somaliland, although under consideration by a growing number of African and Western governments, is still vigorously resisted by many members of both the African Union (AU) and the Arab League on the grounds that the unity and territorial integrity of member states is sacrosanct. For me, as long as we have peace and harmony in our land, nothing else matters.
Faisal, UK

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