Eng Yusuf Warsame Siciid For Mayor of Hargeysa 2012 (W/Q Yusuf Abdullahi Yassin)

Eng Yusuf Warsame Siciid For Mayor of Hargeysa 2012

Brief profile of Eng: Yussuf Warsame Siciid the next (2013) mayor of Hargeisa

Engineer Yussuf Aw Warsame Siciid was born in Hargeisa where he finished his schooling. He had done his higher education in Russia, and England. Eng: Yussuf has studied and completed his Urban development engineering degree in London UK. He had not stopped there but went on to advance his studies. He went to Russia to do his Masters Degree in city planning.

After successfully completing his studi…es he went back home to contribute to the development of his nation. He has done many projects in Hargeisa as well the ex -capital of Former Somalia, Mogadishu. To name one his projects was the famous building Mogadishu that every body remembers which was the Nations House (Guriga Umadda) near Sayid Mohamed Abdullah Hassan’s statue and also Villa Somalia (the presidential palace in Mogadishu) Eng: Yussuf was an active member and contributed to heavily in the fight against the regime of Siyad Barre, he contributed physically morally and financially.

Eng: Yussuf moved to Oslo, Norway, where he had been working in Oslo municipality for well over more than 10 years. During his career, Eng: Yussuf had worked in many places like Oslo, Djibouti and successfully built the entire round about in Djibouti. Similar other projects were done by him in Norway.

He then decided to leave Europe to go back his home town Hargeisa to share his knowledge and experience with the nation. He recently built the parliament building in Hargeisa completely renovated the presidential palace under the current administration. His service and contribution does not have limit but he carried out many private project as well with his company Warsame Saeed Construction that builds some of the most beautiful homes in Hargeysa and also other buildings.

Eng: Yussuf is not a person that is seeking any financial gains from this position but truly wants to save the capital from wide spread corruption in the local government, clean the city from all the waste and garbage that is filled every where, redevelop and repair all the roads. Not to mention the town planning and protect the national assets that he has experience in doing.

Eng: Yussuf has the reputation of being honest, transparent and hard working. He is financially sound and may even spend his own to help hargeysa. The Capital city of Hargeisa doesn’t need some one that again rips it apart and abuses the position but rather needs a person like Eng: Yussuf who happens to be the rightful candidate for the mayor of Maroodijeex. He has all the qualities and qualifications and experience needed to bring about THE CHANGES THE CITY BADLY NEEDS.

Finally I urge each and every Somalilander that lives in Maradoojix Region to think twice and think wisely to vote for the right parson Eng: Yussuf Warsame rather than supporting an individual that lacks the proper tools, quality and qualifications required to become the next mayor of Maroodijeex Region. We can’t afford another 10 years of zero services, corruption and further destruction of the nation’s capital. ALL WE WANT IS STRONG, QUALIFIED, PROFESSIONAL, HONEST AND TRANSPARENT citizens THAT CAN BRING ABOUT THE CHANGES THAT WE ALL need in Hargeysa. MY FELLOW CITZENS, THIS INDIVIDUAL WE ARE DESPERATE FOR IS ENG: Yussuf Warsame Siciid, SO LET US VOTE FOR NO: 316 AND VOTE FOR ENG: YUSSUF WARSAME SICIID.


W/Q Yusuf Abdullahi Yassin


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