Somaliland’s President Stops In Nairobi On His Way To The UK



Nairobi, Kenya, February 9, 2013 (SL Times) – Somaliland’s President Ahmed Sillanyo stopped in Nairobi on his way to the UK. While in Nairobi, President Sillanyo met with the US ambassador and US AID officials.
A press release by Somaliland government said that during the talks the US asserted that their engagement with Somaliland will continue as it was despite their recognition of Somalia’s government and that President Ahmed Sillanyo was invited to visit the US.
These assurances however are perceived by Somalilanders as inadequate, outdated, and hollow, especially when seen in the light of the US government’s recent recognition of Somalia’s government as well as the high level of political, financial and military assistance that the US is providing to that dysfunctional government.
President Ahmed Sillanyo’s talks with British officials has not yet started, nevertheless, the talks will be conducted at a time when many people in Somaliland are beginning to view the UK and the US as pursuing policies that are harmful to Somaliland.
President Ahmed Sillanyo was accompanied by his wife, the foreign minister and the minister of planning.

Source. Somaliland Times


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