Somaliland President Tours Western Regions

Somaliland President Tours Western Regions

Borama, Somaliland, March 15, 2014 (SL Times) – Somaliland President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud (Sillanyo) went on a tour of the western regions Gabiley, Awdal , and Selel . He was accompanied by ministers, legislators and military commanders. During the visit, the president participated in the celebration of the completion of the Dila-Borama road project and laid the foundation stone for the Kalabaydh –Dila and Borama-Lawyo’Ade road projects.
Speaking with university students at Amoud, the president justified the importance his government has given to road construction and said roads are the arteries of the country.
The president of Amoud University, Professor Suleiman Ahmed Guleed, complimented the government on its achievements, such as guarding the peace and appointing the right person to be at the helm of the ministry of foreign affairs. He called the government a ”government of action.”
Sh. Abdillahi Sh. Ali Jawhar, too, praised the government’s efforts in reconstructing the country.
Among the other speakers were the chairman of ASARDA, Abdillahi Haji Ise, Sultan Abdirahman Jama Dhawal, the mayor of Borama Suleiman Hassan Hadi, the deputy governor of Awdal Abdi Nur Sugal, the minister of interior, Ali Waran Adde, and the minister of defense, Ahmed H. Ali Adami.

Source: Somaliland Times



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