Leveraging State-Building In Somalia: Learning From Somaliland’s Non-Roadmap

Dr. Dominik Balthasar is a researcher, policy analyst, and international development consultant. Holding a position with the Transatlantic Post-Doctoral Fellowship for International Relations and Security, he has worked with Chatham House, the U.S. Institute of Peace, and the European Union Institute for Security Studies. Balthasar’s work focuses on issues pertaining to peace, conflict, and state fragility, as well as international efforts toward state reconstruction and development, particularly in Somalia. He can be reached under dominik (at) balthasar-online.de.

dominik and 2 people

2012-14 TAPIR Fellow, Dominik Balthasar (right), visiting the historic cave paintings of Las Geel (Somaliland/ Somalia) with two research assistants after a few weeks of intense research

Thinking Beyond Roadmaps in Somalia, report wrote by, Dominik Balthasar, 18 November 2014
Roadmaps in
“Somaliland has made significant
strides in building a state”
“”They should

take time to examine Somaliland’s ef
forts and draw comfort and inspiration from its successes and failures””
Thinking Beyond
Roadmaps in
Expanding Policy Options for State Build

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