Suldaan Abibakar Elmi Wabar (The New Terrorist Leader in Awdal Region, Somaliland)‏ Suldaan Abuubakar Cilmi Wabar

Suldaan Abuubakar Cilmi Wabar (The New Terrorist Leader in Awdal Region, Somaliland)‏


He is the man, Suldaan Abuubakar Cilmi Wabar (New Terrorist Leader in Awdal Region, Somaliland) that allows threatens country with violence and war. It was not long ago he was appointed chief of the so-called Suldan, July 2011, Borama, Awdal region. Somaliland. Today he is the greatest threats to Somaliland peace and stability.

He has declared holy war against Somaliland. Has sworn to spill blood. He is very dangerous for peace in Somaliland and stability of Somaliland, neighboring countries (Ethiopia, Somalia and Djibouti) and the entire region. He has lived many years in Canada (North America), he and his family.

He has added movies (video clip) on Youtube, where he expresses his threat to Somaliland. Government of Somaliland have sent security forces to where he is believed to be. and surrounded him, he and his terrorist group, he is now eastern Awdal region, with its terrorist group that threating  the democratic elected government of Somaliland and its people with terrorist attacks.

Somaliland’s defense minister, Ahmed Adami and a number of other ministers and the Somaliland Vice President Abdirahman Saylici is currently in Borama, Awdal region of Somaliland and try to get a picture of the situation and meet other suldans to see if there is a chance to convince him to lay down their arms and surrender to the government.

There is ongoing negotiation between the government and suldans in Borama, if he does not withdraw his threat and not surrender to the government and refuse to lay down their arms. the risk is that the government loses its patience and it means that security forces go in there, he, the terrorist leader, Suldan Abuubakar Elmi Wabar and his terrorist group

Security forces await orders from Somaliland president, Siilaanyo is chief commander. The starting point is to kill him or capture him alive and bring him to justice. He Link with the dreaded terrorist group, Al Shabaab, which operates thier terrorist actions againts the neighboring country of Somaliland, Somalia.

He financed by Al Shabab. Who have blood in their hands. They have killed thousands of people. Al Shabaab carried out the coordinated terrorist attacks in Somaliland, October 29, 2008, fatal in the capital of Hargeisa, Somaliland. In three different locations.
It was suicide attack on the presidential palace and, UN.s office. and the Ethiopian Embasy in Hargeisa, more than 20 people died, including the President’s secretary.

Rayaale president and his cabinet ministers survived the attack, they were in the presidential palace when Al-Shabaab carried out suicide attacks. about a hundred people were injured and some injured by suicide attack died of thier injuries later.

The investigations are underway in some countries of the world, especially in Europe and North America how to deal with terrorists who travel to countries where terrorists want to create instability and chaos. Some countries have begun to withdraw its nationality  (citizenship) from terrorists who create instability and chaos in other countries

Somaliland is part of the countries in the world to deal with the terrorists.
Somaliland is working with other countries to exchange information, Somaliland intelligence cooperates with other intelligence services in the world against terrorism.
Somaliland must contact with the Government of Canada, and ask the government  to withdraw citizenship from Suldaan Abuubakar Cilmi Wabar (New Terrorist Leader in Awdal Region, Somaliland) and announce arrest warrant on him. Put him on the terrorist list. He has supporters in Canada, which finances him by sending money through hawala (money transfer)

If you do not handle Suldaan Abuubakar Cilmi Wabar (New Terrorist Leader in Awdal Region, Somaliland) there is a risk that he recruits and inspire other young people and other blood-hungry terrorists to come to Somaliland, to destabilize the country.

Posted: Mohamed Yusuf, Hargeisa, Somaliland
Somaliland1991 News Center


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