Why Somaliland rejects the participation of Renegade Somalilanders in the Somaliland –Somalia Talks in Turkey

Why Somaliland rejects the participation of Renegade Somalilanders in the Somaliland –Somalia Talks in Turkey

The Presidents of Somaliland and Somalia have agreed in Djibouti on Dec 22, 2014 in the presence of President of Djibouti Hon. Ismail Omer Ghelle to use the 5th Round of the talks, scheduled roughly at end of February 2015, to finally determine the end game of the talks: a final divorce or a re-marriage between Somaliland and Somalia.

The Somaliland delegation, led by men who could take a final decision when it comes to closing a deal, went to Istanbul for the discussions. To the surprise of everybody, Somalia sent an 8-member delegation five of whom were originally from Somaliland, breaking once again a former agreement specifying that Somalilanders in Mogadishu should not be part of the Somalia delegation to the talks.

According to the Somaliland Minister for Interior Affairs, Mr. Ali Warancade, ‘Somaliland considers all the Somalilander ministers and other politicians in Somalia as paid immigrant workers and as mercenaries hired by Somalia’. These are paid by the Somalia government only for propaganda purposes against Somaliland.

Somaliland considers the Somalilander members of the Somalia delegation to the talks as surrogate representatives of a country, Somalia, which is not theirs against their own.

Both the countries of Somaliland and Somalia should be represented by their respective own people.

The matter concerns a crucial national interest for both Somaliland and Somalia and the latter ought to have taken it as seriously as Somaliland has done.

The national home country of the Somalilander members in the Somalia delegation is Somaliland, which is represented in the talks by the Somaliland delegation led by its Minster for Affairs, Hon. Mohamed B. Yonis.

Mr. Yonis and his delegation represent all Somalilanders including any of its people in Somalia even if Somalia includes them in its delegation. It is in the talks in the first place just for the sole purpose of the final liberation of Somalilanders from Mogadishu.

Putting it differently the Somaliland delegation in the talks is talking on behalf of Somalilanders to obtain their freedom as an outcome of the talks.

Somalia should have sent members from its Somalia side of the equation, who could reach a final decision on the fate of their country, not some paid employees for opposing Somaliland.

Somaliland has President Ismail Omer Ghelle as a witness that it is Somalia, which has defied his blessing to use the current 5th round of the talks in Turkey to make a long story short and reach a final deal.

By: Ahmed Da´ar

Somaliland1991 News Center


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