4 kommentarer till “UK MPs Visit Somaliland”

  1. Marguerite Case säger:
    28 maj, 2010 kl 6:42 e m redigeraIf I had a quarter for each time I came to Incredible read!

    • somaliland1991 säger:
      31 maj, 2010 kl 9:42 e m redigeraMarguerite Case
      thank you very much and I try to do my best. Number of readers Somaliland1991 has dramatically increased. Big thanks to my dear readers

  2. Damon Ortega säger:
    30 maj, 2010 kl 12:48 f m redigeraYou have done it once more. Great writing.

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  1. somaliland1991 Says:

    Yusuf Dahir säger:
    27 juni, 2010 kl 5:52 e m redigera

    Peacefully people of Somaliland voted yesterday in Hargeisa and every city of Somaliland, the world have witnessed the beautiful work we have done, Somalilanders are serious about when it comes democracy and one man one vote, this time they were seeking a change, a change for better future and they did casted with in there vote, stability and prosperity is part of our heritage despite the horrible mistakes we did in the past like the union of Somaliland after our independence from Great Britain. We are a proud nation practicing this wonderful achievement in the horrible horn of Africa, Somaliland is the best secret in Africa. Thanks for the wonderful report.

    somaliland1991 säger:
    27 juni, 2010 kl 11:55 e m redigera

    Thank you for your comment. I’m really happy for your comment, it sums up the whole issue of Somaliland. It was a great comment and thank you for it. I have added your comment on my posts. I agree with you that the world has witnessed what we did yesterday. I did news analysis yesterday and Somaliland elections peaked among five biggest news in the news media in the world. It’s really good that we heard and seen. I agree with you that we have made big mistake when we are united with the Southern Somalia. We (Somaliland) has paid dearly for it. I hope that this presidential election results, that we all dream of a recognition by the international community. If one begins to follow the rest, I am convinced.

    Viva Somaliland

    Somaliland 1991

  2. somaliland1991 Says:

    RoyalOTEL said 3 weeks ago:

    Good information.
    Thanks for sharing …
    Du said 3 weeks ago:

    thank you very much for your comment. Hope you liked it. You are welcome to our beautiful country (Somaliland) and build a new Royal Hotel there. A country that is good for tourists.




  3. somaliland1991 Says:

    Hawlgalkii Birjeexee Lagula Baxay C/Laahi Askar 12-Kii April 1983-Kii Qabtii 2aad Haatuf Daawo sawirrada by somaliland1991
    maxamed said 1 month ago:

    waa cajiib iyo waxan lamalayn karin walaahi waan oo yay markan akhriyay tariikhday maanta oo udhintay cabdilaahi askar inaalilaahi wa inaali rajucuun dhamaantood allah unaxariisto.
    Du said 1 month ago:

    Asalaamu Calaykum

    Marka hore aad iyo aad ayaa u salaaman tahay. Intaa kaddib Waxaan kaaga mahad celinayaa maqaalka Hawgalkii Birjeex eel gaula baxay Cabdilaahi Askar, comments aad ka soo bixisay komentaarka. Mida kale Somaliland waxaa ka geeriyooday geesiyaal aan tiro lahayn oo aan ilaa immika wax taariikha laga qorin halyeyadaas u dhashay dalkeena. Waa nasiib darro. Aad iyo aad ayaan uga xumahay runtii. Cabdilaahi Askar iyo dhammaan intii u soo halgantay xornimada dalkeena Somaliland, Ilaahay ha u naxariisto aamiin.

    Mar labad waa mahadsan tahay


  4. somaliland1991 Says:

    About by somaliland1991
    naima said 9 months ago:

    hej jag vill bara säga att dena hemsidan är skit bra. det är första gången jag har loggat in här,så jag blev lite förvånad när jag såg namnet Hargeisa City, då tänkte jag att det där namnet lät ju som en av städerna i somalien. och då när jag läste vidare på kommentarena då märkte jag att dena hemsidan är gjord av en somalisk tjej. så jag vill bara säga go girl!!
    samawi said 1 month ago:

    am from somaliland and when i see pages like this one all became happy both as somalilander and for somaliland so am gonna say am really proud of YOU well done
    Du said 1 month ago:

    Thank you very much for your comment. It pleased me hear it. I always try to make our beautiful country, Somaliland visible and put our country on the world map.
    The number of visitors has increased Somaliland1991. There is a newsworthy. I’m trying to do my best to deliver the latest news from our mother country.
    Thank you for your comment

    From: Somaliland1991

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